Destiny Max™ - High Throughput Haemostasis Analyser

We introduce the latest high throughput Haemostasis analyser. It offers the best combination of existing and new technologies to provide operators with unique features in a flexible, easy to use system. Destiny Max™ is the only instrument offering the choice of optical or micro-mechanical clot detection with reliable cap piercing and result standardisation. The operational software is a state-of-the-art graphic user-interface. This provides an intuitive, multitasking functionality and flexibility, enabling convenient operation with continuous sample processing.


DMAx 2 01

Comprehensive reagent management

  • 55 on board reagents with 50 in cooling area and 8 stirred position
  • Real continuous loading with Positive identifi cation
  • Monitoring of reagent volume, expiry and on board stability
  • Multiple vials of same reagent for high workload testing
  • Optimised walk-away capacity with continuous loading of samples,reagents, cuvettes and system fluid and continuous unloading of solid and liquid waste


DMax 3

Safety and ease of use

Results are independent of the type of sample tube and makes validation easier and faster

  • Open and closed tubes combined on the same rack
  • Convenient for all tubes including paediatric and Eppendorf
  • Guaranteed accuracy of sample volume



Destiny Max-10-2

Multiple Measuring Technologies

Destiny Max™ gives you the flexibility to choose mechanical or optical clotting method.Multiple Measuring Technologies

  • Chronometric, Chromogenic and Immunoturbidimetric
  • Wavelengths 340 nm, 405 nm, 635 nm, 705 nm
  • Multiple simultaneous wavelength detection
  • Reliable, accurate results on compromised samples - icteric, haemolytic
    and lipemic using Mechanical Clot detection


DMax 4

Flexible Software and Result Management

  • Intuitive Touch Screen ICON driven Software
  • True multitasking system
  • Comprehensive quality assurance
  • Complete traceability and software security
  • Factor parallelism and reflex testing
  • System standardization of results using TriniVeriCAL
  • Result integrity checking with "Blue Dye" technology
  • Real time system monitoring

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